We're hoping for a big year!

Posted by Jane Italiano on

It's been a bit rocky so far this year trying to sort out our delivery woes but we think we've got that all sorted now.  With Omicron, floods, courier issues it's been a testing time but we're just looking forward now.  Phew!  We are working with manufacturers and having new product samples made which we are really excited about.  It's hard work, but also great to use our creative initiatives, always with unique, purposeful, vintage inspired and farmhouse in mind.  A new shipment will hopefully be on its way here to us from the United States before too long, but as we have learned the hard way, patience is a virtue and a blessing!  Knowing that the world is on its end, and still trying to catch up with events over the past couple of years, I think we're doing okay and hope that you are too!  talk again soon.  X hugs, Jane

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