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When I began this venture, I knew absolutely nothing, except, that I love vintage. There's no way I could have ever anticipated everything that could and would go wrong, and continues to go wrong.   Some things are easy fixes and some things are really expensive lessons!  

I feel inspired by you, our customers, as you've not only loved our products, but your encouragement, support, patience and might I even say, Love, has been the fire under us to continually strive to provide you with the very best shopping experience.  

Research and Development has been a really large part of our energy over the past months and during the second half of this year we'll be introducing new products that will be a part of our Home and More Collective.  Our products, that we have developed, designed and manufactured.  We're also manufacturing  a lot of our favourite items which will also become a part of our Collective.  Our first Collective item is the Vintage Lantern that has already arrived and proving very popular! 

I'm not one to Blog very often but I do hope that you enjoy this quick read.  Loads of Love, Jane and the team at Home and Moor. XX



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